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The Masaryk university University Centre Telč provides study and education opportunities within the Masaryk University faculties in the Vysočina region. It offers study and education courses as a part of lifelong learning programs and reflects educational needs of the region. There are seminars, conferences and summer education courses held in the Centre. Thanks to extensive reconstruction, the modern integrated facility has been established in Telč, providing a very good level of education and study programmes under the patronage of the Masaryk University. Accommodation facilities as well as a library and an information point are included in the centre. The lecture rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual and computer equipment. There is also a café on the ground floor. The university centre is an ideal place for realizing study courses (especially the combined study programmes) as well as other different educational and social-cultural events such as seminars, conferences, trainings, off-site meetings, team-building sessions, summer/winter schools, etc. The facilities can be used not only by the Masaryk University members, but also by private companies for their presentation purposes and company stays, or just for individual or group events, tailored to the needs of wide variety of interested people.

The town of Telč is located near the southwestern border between Moravia and Bohemia, in the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic. It is situated in a region which was thickly forested until the 13th century. The property consists of the historic town centre, with the castle situated in the middle, and of two bodies of water, originally having a defensive function.
   The origins of the settlement are unclear: there was an early medieval settlement at Staré Město to the south-east of the present town, but there is no mention of Telč in documentary records before 1333-1335, when reference is made to the existence there of an important castle (and presumably also a church and settlement). The town of Telč, whose area covers 36 ha, was probably founded in the mid 14th century. The town itself is of special importance since it was founded on purpose to gain political and economic control over an area where there were deep forests in the 13th and 14th centuries.
   The outstanding nature of Telč, in terms of the quality and authenticity of its cultural elements, the tangible evidence of its origins and evolution represented by its original layout and architecture, and its picturesque setting is unquestionable. The Renaissance castle forms the centre of the city. It is a major component of the urban townscape and it retains obvious traces of its Gothic precursor. The castle represents a unique authentic complex with its original material substance and decorations. Its original interior is imbued with Italian art.
   The Historic Centre of Telč features a triangular market square surrounded by Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses (but whose origins are medieval). These houses are linked by a continuous arcade. Their facades are characterized by a great diversity as regards the choice of decorative elements. In the middle of the market square, there is a fountain and a plague column. A little further, there is the town hall, the Church of the Holy Spirit, the Jesuit College and the Gothic St. James parish church. Finally, the evidence of the origins and historical development of the city is provided by the city walls built of stone whose functioning was enhanced by a system of fishponds, originally built for its strategic security. (taken from

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