1. Professional-amateur binary star collaborations
Stella KafkaAAVSO, USACitizen-scientists and binary star research
Yonggi KimCNU, KoreaProfessional-amateur programs at Chungbuk National University
Francois TeyssierARAS, FranceProfessional-Amateur Collaborations on Symbiotic Binaries

2. Binaries in the GAIA era
Dimitri PourbaixULB, BelgiumBinaries in the Gaia era
Amaury TriaudU. Birmingham, UKThe radial velocity survey BEBOP and the search for circumbinary planets

3. Large photometric surveys
Szilard CsizmadiaDLR, GermanyFrom CoRoT to PLATO: large photometric exoplanet space surveys for the planetary and binary star community

4. Formation of binary stars and planetary systems
Max MoeSteward O., USAFormation and evolution of binary systems
Andrei TokovininCTIO, Chile

5. Effects of multiplicity on binary systems
Miroslav BrožCharles U., Czech R.Modelling multiple systems with eclipsing binaries
Andrei TokovininCTIO, ChileClose binaries in hierarchical stellar systems

6. Planetary systems in binary stars
David MartinU. Chicago, USACircumbinary planets
Jerry OroszSan Diego State U., USAPlanets in binary star systems

7. Pulsation of binary system components
Simon MurphyU. Sydney, AustraliaPulsation in binaries
David MkrtichianNARIT, ThailandEclipsing binaries with pulsating mass-accreting components

8. Structure and evolution of binary systems
Mathieu RenzoUVA, The NetherlandsStructure and evolution of massive binaries
Robert WilsonU. Florida, USAAn Analytic Self-gravitating Disk Model -- Morphology and Logical Structure

9. New approaches to physical modeling of binary stars
Andrej PršaVillanova U., USAPhysical modeling of binary stars

10. Cataclysmic Variables